Gift for SAM
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You can participate to a grouped gift for Sophie's birthday the August 24th !
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Once a month, on Thursday night, you can watch our live Twitch !

You can download previous videos on our podcast page on the Radio tab. In the near futur these recordings will be available on our Youtube page.

The next live show will be held on October, thursday 28, on the theme of Halloween !

Subscribe to receive a notification at the beginning of each live :

See you soon !
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Site Redesign Planned
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Our dear and (very) old site will soon be redesign in order to offer you a better experience, more adapted, and to allow you to follow the news of Sophie and the Taraddicts more easily.

Don't hesitate to join our community on Discord: in order to exchange with other fans (English speaker fans are obviously welcome).

You may have noticed that we have also closed the forum, which was no longer very active.

In the meantime, don't forget that we continue to host Fréquence Taraddicte, the live web-radio and podcast, every Thursday night from 9pm (links available in the dedicated tab).

See you soon to follow the adventures of our favorite spell casters!
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A new animated series for Tara Duncan is scheduled for September 2021! (TV channels to be specified).

Trailer :

The series will have about 50 episodes of about ten minutes each. It will focus on the presentation of the characters, the magic and the universe (OtherWorld on screen! Finally!!). Planned for the young audience (under 10 years old).

Sophie and her Princess Sam Pictures are in charge of the project. From the writing to the production and the direction, it will be a pure product of SAM's imagination.

And since good news never comes alone, the long-awaited feature film project is also in progress. Less advanced, we will still have to be patient to discover more, but the concept arts are gorgeous!

To discover more about it :

Join us on Discord to follow the news and discuss it (english speakier fans are welcome):
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Hello everyone!

"Génération Taraddicts" begins a new phase and we opened new profiles on the social networks to allow you to follow us everywhere!

Here are the links :

- Our Instagram account :
- Our Tumblr account :

And also our Discord server :

Discord is an app (however you don't have to install it on your computer, it can work on your browser too) on smartphones and computers that allows you to join different servers (and so our too). It works as a great mix between chat and forum.

And still here :

- Our Facebook page :
- The Facebook page of Fréquence Taraddicte (our webradio - every week) :
- The Twitter account of "Tara Duncan News" which share our informations :

We cannot wait to see you there !

Taraddict one day, Taraddict all days !
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