In Generation Taraddicts by loéva-mat the 17/06/2019
Hello everyone!

"Génération Taraddicts" begins a new phase and we opened new profiles on the social networks to allow you to follow us everywhere!

Here are the links :

- Our Instagram account :
- Our Tumblr account :

And also our Discord server :

Discord is an app (however you don't have to install it on your computer, it can work on your browser too) on smartphones and computers that allows you to join different servers (and so our too). It works as a great mix between chat and forum.

And still here :

- Our Facebook page :
- The Facebook page of Fréquence Taraddicte (our webradio - every week) :
- The Twitter account of "Tara Duncan News" which share our informations :

We cannot wait to see you there !

Taraddict one day, Taraddict all days !


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