SAT means Supervising Adult Taraddict.

TME a.k.a SAT

The SAT dispositive has been put in place by Generation Taraddicts, the official Tara Duncan and Indiana Teller association.

The SAT are adult members of Gen T who volunteer to supervise younger Taraddicts during meetings about Tara Duncan or Indiana Teller. Such meetings include the readings or Premiere of books. To benefit this service, you have to be a member of the association (for insurance reasons)

The SAT first mission is to allow taraddicts whose parents can’t or won’t assist to a meeting to be able to go there under supervision of an adult.
The SAT, after agreement with the parents, take the youngsters in charge at a rendez-vous point that was first defined online (mainly Paris’ main train stations, subway stations or where the event takes place). Youngsters will be taken to the event and taken care of until the end of the day where they will be taken back to a meeting point fixed with their parents.

A SAT will not be in charge of more than five youngsters at a time. So we have a limited number of places to benefit this service. The more we gather SAT, the more we can take care of youngsters. For maximal security, SAT will most of the time go by two.

If there is not enough SAT to assure the youngsters’ security, Gen T allows itself not to set up this service.

We provide supervision, but food or transportation (subway, RER, bus, streetcar) is under the financial responsibility of the Taraddict and/or his parents.

SAT has the right to refuse to take charge of a member if his/her comportment has been deemed inappropriate during a previous supervising or meeting.

Gen T has signed insurance with French assurance group Matmut that covers the association's members were there to be an incident.