Generation Taraddicts would like to thank Moonscoopwho allowed us to use their pictures to create our design, and mainly Soniawho was always available to work with us. And a particular thanks to the character designers who kindly accepted to let us modify some of their designs to fit the website.

The team would also like to thank Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian for her kindness, availability and cheering, as much as the tasty bits of news she gives us. It is a pleasure to manage this association, we love you!

We also thank M6 and mainly Axel who is our link with press and allows us to gain a certain visibility

And all the journalists who took the time to contact us with the series diffusion Anne-Elizabeth Le Gal (Télé 2 Semaines) and Carine Didier (Le Parisien) Thanks to let us speak for ourselves.

Finally, the team would like to thank all Taraddicts without whom we would not exist.

We will take over the world !