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Who are we ?

Generation Taraddicts is the official association following Sophie Audouin Mamikonian and her universes, mainly Tara Duncan and Indiana Teller. Besides giving you the freshest news, we also help gather taraddicts (tara-additcs) around France and soon, around the world, in a sharing, happy and extending community, allowing them to meet in real life during meetings organized and supervised by adult members of the association. We facilitate communication between Sophie and her fans by answering the many questions they may have and bonding taraddicts and journalists together, by helping them organize interviews.. We are also here during signing and events involving Sophie.

L’association à été créé il y a deux ans maintenant par Cédric (Honyasama), qui en était le premier président, il a dû laisser sa place comme le reste du bureau car malheureusement il n’avait plus assez de temps à y consacrer.

The association was created in 2008 by Cedric (Honyasama), who was its first president. He sadly left his post due to scheduling problems.

In april 2010, Sophie asked Noemie (Noechevinarishu) to bring back Generation Taraddicts from the dead, and a new bureau was gathered. Noemie took the post of president, while Guillaume (Samain) became secretary and redactor, Nina (Siah) became treasurer and Marion (Hystoria) became our communication counselor. The team also welcomed Marc, who allowed us to bring this website to life with his incredible talents.

Generation Taraddicts also handles a forum where fans can exchange about Sophie’s book or publish their own novels and fanfiction, and share their art or tastes (join it by clicking on « forum » in the site’s menu). The website is here to gather information about Sophie and her books, and to allow Taraddicts, young and old, to keep informed of the news and events.

Gen Team:

Once upon a time, there were four young ladies… Well. Three young ladies and a young man, who lived in a wonderful city. Gifted and dedicated, their main strength was their friendship.

Coming from diverse cities, orientations and background, they would have never met if Tara dind’t bring them together !

  • Noemie, Noechevinarishu, the beloved (did I say feared?) President:

As gentle and delicate as a dwarf (and as tall too ! but I didn’t say that !). Noemie is a young 24 year old woman, studying in college to become a middle school teacher. She became a taraddict when book 5 was published and her first contact with Tara was through TV. Seeing a talk show starring Sophie made her want to read the books. And she remembers her first meeting with Sophie as kind of explosive.
“It was surreal. After the bomb alert, Sophie signed outside while it was raining, on a cardboard we quickly grabbed! »
Spontaneous, joyful and funny, she is always ready to help taraddicts around whenever she can. She is also the one who writes and sings most of our Tara Duncan songs.

Before she became our president, Noemie first opened a forum to bring back to life the ashes of the first Tara Duncan forum. Satisfied with her work, Sophie asked her to take care of Gen T…

Noemie accepted, but then, she had to gather a trusted team….

  • Nina, Siah, Treasurer/Designer:

Nina is 20 and grew up in a Normandy farm, surrounded by cows (Just a hint, to get proper signal on your cell phone you’ve got to be in the middle of the corn field.)
Oldest of three, she has a little sister and a little brother.

Nina has been chosen to be our treasurer. The legends says it’s because she’s the only one able to count after eight! Her surname is famous among many Taraddicts, as she follows actively Tara since her childhood.
Student at « Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris », an art school, Nina is one of our two designers, who took care of the forum (Just to hear after nights of work: “That’s too it!” “Too what?” “Too… It!”). It was a long pregnancy, but she finally gave birth to our beautiful forum !

The rumor says she’s not just the forum’s mom, but actually all the bureau’s. She’s our cooking, caring and nursing girl, and thanks to her, we can also eat something else than fast-food!

  • Guillaume, Samain, Secretary/Redactor/Designer:

He is our secretary! Guillaume is coming from Nice (south of France, actually a… well, a nice place) he’s 22 and is the last of three children. He’s our other artist, and will take a master degree in book editing next year.
His first contact with Tara was actually one or two weeks after the first book was published. He looked at the cover (which had been changed since then) and thought: “If you must not judge a book by its cover… such an ugly book must be incredible” so he bought it… and got hooked!
He’s the one you’ve got to thank for the wonderful design of the site you’re on! Besides graphics, he has another passion: writing and he does not lack talent here either!
Indeed, his story “Madam Grotesque's Estrange Cabaret” is the most read story of our forum with over 5000 views !

Guillaume’s flat is our HQ, and even though it’s cool… he does not possess anything that looks closely like a table… so we use the ironing board as one!

Guillaume’s truly a nice guy and actually… a heart breaker, fans even opened a fanclub to his glory on the forum !

  • Marion, Hystoria, Counselor:

Marion is 22 years old and studies communication. Just like Nina and Guillaume, she is a long-time fan of Tara Duncan, and her first nickname Marion86, still haunts Sophie’s blog.
Studying in communication, she is a precious help to the association and help us to communicate with taraddicts and Medias.
And she’s never the last for a good laugh!

However, there is one thing Marion is worried about. Her last train. As it gets late, she always stares anxiously at the clock.

Officially, he is not a member of the bureau, but without him, nothing would have been possible, so Gen T insists to introduce him as a member of our team, so meet:

  • Marc, Neurones67, Webmagus, Administrator and Computer god:

He is nicknamed Neuron, and it fits him like a glove. Also called “Geek’s King” or “Geek’s God” he is the one who brought our vision to life. Because even though the team counts great designers and redactors, none of them can do what Marc does with a computer.
We just have to scream “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!” and he comes running the next second, performing miracles!

He lives in Strasbourg and is actually nineteen, and studies in computer.

The strangest is coming… Marc is no taraddict. He never even opened one book. But he seems just fine with our community and some signs point to the fact that he was just destined to be among us.
As many geeks, Marc possesses his own server which he named Ereven. Knowing its Armenia’s capital, a country Sophie is actually princess of… That’s what you call a coincidence!

So Marc, the team just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you do without (almost) ever complaining, because without your help, we would be in deep trouble !