Sophie Audouin Mamikonian has planned to write twelve instalments of Tara Duncan.

Tara Duncan series

Tara Duncan is a fantasy saga for young readers. However, the omnipresent spicy humor and the story’s and universe’s complexity open it to every reader. Tara is not your average teenager, she has mystical powers, and she is perfectly aware of this. What she doesn’t know is that a mysterious man is after her magic… or would it be her inheritance? Thrown on Otherworld, a planet were spellbinders found shelter, Tara goes from adventure to misadventure. And it is just beginning as she finds out she is the last hope of an immense Empire. And when it gets political, she will need all her courage, and the help of her dedicated friends to try to make it whole! Half way between comedy and epic adventures, Sophie Audouin Mamikonian serves us a series which tastes… magical !

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And Sophie's other series, not yet translated abroad :

The Indiana Teller series

Indiana Teller is a series in four books which follows the adventures of the aforenamed Indiana, an eighteen years old who lives among werewolves since his birth. A modern times Mowgli, he will have to gain his peers' respect... And he maybe not as weak as they wish him to believe... His mother is a powerful achronaut, one that can turn back tome... But take a step on the wrong way, and this gift could be your curse...

Tome 1

The Angel's Soul Color

Meet Jeremy, recently deceased and new in the world of angels. But he doesn't have time to creases his wing : Allison is the only witness of his murder... and the killer is after her ! Invisible and intangible, Jeremy has to protect her. And how not to fall in love with someone you live for night and day ? And even more... would you survive an impossible love ? This incredible series is Sophie Audouin Mamikonian's new release, with the first of two books published the 5th January 2012.

La Couleur 1

The Obese's Dance

It's a killer. A serial killer. Or a serial cook. You've never seen a murderer put so much taste while preparing his victims like a delicious dish. Captain Phillipe Heart seems to be the only one able to stop him, but he will need the help of Elena... Halfway between thriller and romance, Sophie gives us her new recipe, a tasty novel to devour without hesitation !

La Danse des Obèses